Pinhole Workshop at Searchlight Mystery Ranch

A couple months ago, I had the honor of attending a Pinhole camera Workshop with photographer Rene West at Searchlight Mystery Ranch. Here are some scans of my paper negatives. Not too bad for my first time back in the field/darkroom in roughly a decade, but I should not be surprised, as Rene is a wonderful teacher.

Besides this incredibly fun pinhole photography workshop, Rene was out at Searchlight Mystery Ranch for a week or so creating her own body of work as a resident artist. Her work captures the marks of human society and entropic forces of nature found primarily on city walls in a way that is both gritty and ephemeral. To see Rene’s work, visit or follow her on Instagram.

New Year New Website!

Hello friends, colleagues and fellow travellors of the Worldwide Web! It’s a brand new year, and my first order of business is to restore my disconnected domain. Since my old Wix site was pretty outdated, and I’m loving my other squarespace site Tiny Telegrams, I decided I would just move it on over and start fresh to reflect the direction my art and design work has been moving in these past couple years, as it is much more polished and vastly different than a lot of my previous work.

If you would like to view my archives while I am crafting the new site, please visit

To see the newest project I’ve been working on consistantly over the last few years, please visit

I look forward to sharing my new site and exciting new work with you both here and with Tiny Telegrams, very soon! Enjoy and Have a Happy New Year!